Profile / Vision

UniSanding is a Swedish-owned company specialising in the design and production of high-quality machines for sanding solid and moulded items of all kinds of wood, veneer, MDF, HDF and all types of coatings, including UV-lacquer. The machines are also ideal for sanding plastic items and deburring a wide variety of metal items.

The company was founded in Danmark 1996 and was based in Skive. Unisanding was taken over by PK Sanding in 2019. UniSanding works closely with partners throughout the world. For a list of our partners, please follow this link

  • UniSanding will be a dynamic company whose future is based on long-term value-creating partnerships within the wood and metal working industries.

  • UniSanding will ensure maximum operational reliability for its customers by providing high-quality products and professional service

  • UniSanding will use requirement analyses and solution proposals prepared by experienced and competent specialists to ensure that customers always receive the best possible solutions.