UniSanding – perfect sanding

Simple principle ensures high quality

UniSander provides extremely gentle sanding of exceptional quality. The patented cross-sanding unit is ideal for profiled workpieces and plates, including even very small items, allowing you to fully utilise the extreme versatility of the UniSander. Furthermore, UniSander is unrivalled for sanding items with edges or friezes, regardless of their orientation and naturally without damaging them during the sanding process. Waste is thus minimised and high quality assured. 

Versatile and future-oriented

Thanks to its exceptional versatility in setup and number of sanding heads, UniSander is capable of sanding solid and moulded items of any kind of wood, MDF and HDF. The machine can thus be quickly and easily set up – or extended – for frequently changing production runs or completely new products. In addition, UniSander is ideal for deburring a wide range of metal surfaces and workpieces. It is also capable of deburring plastic items as UniSander can be equipped with sanding strips suitable for plastic materials.

Modular design

As UniSander has a modular design, it can be built, extended, adapted and equipped to suit any sanding task. With UniSander, even very small items can be processed. The most suitable configuration is determined on the basis of a requirements analysis and solution proposal prepared by experienced and competent specialists in partnership with the customer.

Easy operation

Thanks to its clear logical touchscreen, the machine can be simply and safely operated. Similarly, system setup can be quickly and easily changed for successive sanding tasks once the necessary parameters have been entered in the controls. This ensures that valuable production time is not wasted.

Minimum maintenance

Daily maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum and consists solely of cleaning and inspection. In addition, our technicians are always available to provide expert advice and guidance. We also offer contracts for regular service visits, ensuring that your machine is always kept in perfect working order.